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We help you choose the right treatments to achieve your goal and look your best. Our highly-acclaimed staff are happy to guide you and help you understand our treatments, and to help you choose the best path to achieve the results you desire.

We have built and maintained an exceptional track record of extremely satisfied clients. We specialize in an exclusive range of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

At Venus Medical Spa, we always stay ahead of the competition with the latest technology in cosmetic medicine, high quality of service and attractive packages throughout the year. We constantly strive towards and achieve perfection in all that we do.

About The Owner


Gina Shakhparounian

Venus Medical Spa, Owner
The owner of Venus Medical spa is Gina Shakhparounian. She is a certified Medical Esthetician with long years of experience.

She Graduated from British Aesthetic Medical Institute in Canada and worked around the GTA, building a long list of loyal clients.